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is an executive boutique SEO firm focusing on depth and insightful, impactful, analysis and execution.  We focus on serving fewer clients with a personalized one-on-one focus of executive SEO professionals who have a proven track record of optimizing on-page conversion and organic acquisition.

Mid-Atlantic SEO uses specialized equipment that can process large data required for lasting, legitimate optimization.  Mid-Atlantic SEO utilization of cutting edge technology is based on measurements and elimination of performance bottlenecks. Mid-Atlantic SEO can help spec, deploy, test, and maintain real servers providing user and search agent benefits.

Mid-Atlantic SEO has been operating continuously and with a focus of serving clients since 2006.

Mid-Atlantic SEO has built upon the expertise of web start-up entrepreneurs who have proven track records in deploying complex custom development in vertical search engines, comparison shopping engines, and emerging technologies.

Mid-Atlantic SEO helped a valuable web presence scale from 250,000 total views per month to over 2,700,000 monthly visitors from search.

Mid-Atlantic SEO has successfully groomed in-house SEO execution of advanced practices for large and mid-size business, including those that primarily transact online with traffic in excess of 50 million visits per month.

Mid-Atlantic SEO Optimizes for the Long Haul

Scalable SEO is Driven by Innovative Content

In running a start-up, I’ve been exposed to a trial by fire education of SEO. I have come away with a view that SEO is essential for any company, but goals must be defined and realistic expectations need to be used. The first of these expectations is content.

Does your content deserve to be listed on Google?

For most people and real companies the answer in some form or another is yes, and you should help Google find you and point out to their crawler what your site is really about. Google wants users to find good content and not hold up existing institutions, although they want to promote trustworthy content, with that in mind the basis for an SEO campaign should be to help crystallize and direct new and great content rather than to optimize. A good way to think of great SEO is as Content Optimization.

So what does that mean? I suggest something quite radical: you should not judge an SEO expert in their ability to artificially promote pages. Rather look at their past content, what were they able to create, to help clarify, to crystallize, and/or help develop. Why should you look for this? For one reason, search engines at their heart are democratic in nature, if you provide something useful, funny, informative, and new then optimize it its likely you’ll get some solid and stable rankings. If you just go out and optimize the “crap” out of crap it won’t last, and it can hurt your company in the long run.

More About Scalable SEO

Online Marketing Consulting: When to Hire an Outsourced SEO Services Provider

There are many times where it makes more sense to tap an online marketing consultant.  If your site is not yet optimized a small business seo consultant can establish baseline numbers on organic visitors without “betting the farm” on training or hiring talent, perhaps of questionable expertise.

If you already have a marketing team but are lacking an SEO guy; a top shelf search engine optimizer with executive vision can come in and provide a very compelling integrated cross-discipline search engine marketing plan that seamlessly integrates with the existing marketing plan.

Finally, on larger projects and for larger companies, an outsourced SEO services provider can help facilitate in-house talent on projects directly relating to the on page optimization of the parent URL and/or be very effective at executing off page campaigns.

Having a few different SEO’s can, espescially ones that challenge and drive eachother, deliver outstanding results by combining and refining theory, knowledge, and practice.

More instances when hiring an Online Marketing Consultant is Best Practice

SEO Glossary

I’m finding that there is quite a bit of mystery, a blackbox effect, around SEO and Search Marketing and it’s power to convey important messages to the right people.  The fact is most corporations do not have adequate SEO in-house resources and many lack the ability to evaluate Search Marketers.  Even the unique terminology presents hurdles.  I’ve presented a list below, and will try to keep it up-to date.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization can also be used to refer to a person (noun) Search Engine Optimizer

PPC: Pay Per Click, e.g. pay for each visit.

SEM: Search Engine Marketing, the combination of two distinct disciplines SEO and PPC.

Organic SEO: SEO that is driven through innovation and enthusiastic public reception.  Smart PR can drive Organic SEO.

Organic Results: Search results not including paid qualifiers or perhaps more specifically to some without location weight boost.

SEMM: Search Engine Market Management (what we provide) is an advanced form of SEM, where the goal is not specific traffic targets but revenue and ROI targets.  One service we offer actually projects ROI to a high-confidence interval in advanced of campaign execution.  Current & Former start-up CEOs, or those with strong marketing backgrounds, understanding of consumer behavior and optimization, intimate knowledge of business and technical SEO skill are required to execute such campaigns.  SEMM and Organic SEO are premium services but they will likely return more than inexpensive outsourced SEO.

KW: Keyword

Location Boost: Search results tailored to specific ip regions with a high degree of localization weight.

RFID: Radio Frequency Identification Chip, Search giant Google currently employs NFC capability in Android, and Apple is also planning support for RFIDs. The amount information that can be gathered about a user and their spending habits will increase a great deal for each company. I’m unsure of how it will apply now but RFIDs may have an impact on Contextual Ad-serving and organic search results.

Performance Marketing: A way to pay for marketing retroactively based on actions

SERPS or SERPs: Search Engine Results Position, or Search Engine Result Page

PR: PageRank as explained in the original patent application

Y: Yahoo not really important anymore as they utilize Bing Results

RFID Software: This is what actually powers the “magic” of RFIDs. RFID Software can refer to simplistic software on intelligent RFID Readers, RFID Operating Systems, RFID Middleware, and etc.

BL: backlink

TPR: Topical PageRank as described here: http://www2002.org/presentations/haveliwala-rp17.pdf

OBL: outbound link

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Clifford Mark

Clifford Mark

Founder of Mid-Atlantic SEO

A Potomac, Maryland native Clifford Mark attended Walt Whitman High in Bethesda, Maryland; Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida; American University in Washington, DC; and University of Maryland University College in Maryland.  Clifford Mark studied Graduate and “Major Track” Math, Physics, Philosophy, Religion, and Business.

Clifford Mark is a technologist and entrepreneur through and through.  In marketing his companies Clifford Mark gained notoriety for success in the field of Search Engine Optimization capturing keywords “Concert Tickets, NFL Tickets, MLB Tickets, March Madness Tickets and Cheap/Cheapest Super Bowl Tickets.”

Clifford Mark has a broad base of expertise including data driven marketing, statistical and mathematical modeling, electronic public relations, SEO, SEM, PPC, development and deployment of electronic marketing initiatives and flow of interaction with public, analysis and deployment of collocated “cloud” hardware, bringing products to market, and technical and marketing executive leadership.


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