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SEO Glossary

I’m finding that there is quite a bit of mystery, a blackbox effect, around SEO and Search Marketing and it’s power to convey important messages to the right people.  The fact is most corporations do not have adequate SEO in-house resources and many lack the ability to evaluate Search Marketers.  Even the unique terminology presents hurdles.  I’ve presented a list below, and will try to keep it up-to date. Absolute Link Foreclosure without bad Credit The above is an example of an Absolute Link. It specifies a – transfer protocol – domain name – and often a file name Accessibility Accessibility is the practice of making websites usable by disabled people – especially blind people. accessible websites tend to have better search engine rankings than inaccessible websites. AdSense Google AdSense is google’s advertiser program. It’s also a way for website publishers to provide Google web and site search to their visitors, and to earn money by displaying Google ads on the search results pages. AdWords Google’s CPC (Cost Per Click) based text advertising. AdWords takes clickthrough rate into consideration in addition to advertiser?s bid to determine the ad?s relative position within the paid search results. Google applies such a weighting factor in order to feature those paid search results that more popular and thus presumably more relevant and useful. Google has also started taking into account the quality of the landing page and applying a quality score to the landing pages. Agent Name This is the name of the Crawler/spider that is currently visiting a page. AJAX Asynchronous JavaScript And XML Algorithm An algorithm is an operational programming based upon mathematics. ALT... read more

Online Marketing Consulting: When to Hire an Outsourced SEO Services Provider

There are many times where it makes more sense to tap an online marketing consultant.  If your site is not yet optimized a small business seo consultant can establish baseline numbers on organic visitors without “betting the farm” on training or hiring talent, perhaps of questionable expertise. If you already have a marketing team but are lacking an SEO guy; a top shelf search engine optimizer with executive vision can come in and provide a very compelling integrated cross-discipline search engine marketing plan that seamlessly integrates with the existing marketing plan. Finally, on larger projects and for larger companies, an outsourced SEO services provider can help facilitate in-house talent on projects directly relating to the on page optimization of the parent URL and/or be very effective at executing off page campaigns. Having a few different SEO’s can, espescially ones that challenge and drive eachother, deliver outstanding results by combining and refining theory, knowledge, and practice. Other duties especially well suited for an outsourced SEO marketing firm are SEO audits, link building, and ensuring best SEO practices are met and trends addressed. In regards to areas of emerging SEO import, it can also make sense for Government entities and Venture Capital firms to rely on trusted SEO Consulting to help convey messaging cost effectively and evaluate value,... read more

Jobfox isn’t a Scam: Some thoughts on Brand Management re Google Autocomplete

Tuesday, October 12, 2010 I’ve been doing a lot of research on reputation management and SEO, particularly for companies struggling with inappropriate or anonymous bad comments online. This can be detrimental for a businesses who operates solely on the internet. One such case that I’ve been researching revolves around the keyword JobFox scam. JobFox is an online job site that works really hard to match candidates with jobs that seems to be a perfect fit. Unfortunately, it seems to have fallen victim to attacks that seem very similar to political attack ads – anonymous people using scare tactics to spread a negative message. If you google ‘JobFox Scam’, you’ll find a number of anonymous websites and anonymous blogs with people seemingly making up a number of false allegations about the company. I have a strong suspicion that these comments are actually from competitors and others with a specific interest in spreading a negative, scam type message about JobFox. Either way, what they do is create blog posts and comments with scary ‘true stories’ and attacks on the company to scare potential users away. JobFox isn’t isolated, either; they are just the company I decided to really look into. In fact, if you google any company name and add the word ‘scam’ or ‘fake’ or ‘fraud’ to the end of it, you’re very likely to see similar results. Its scary, and for a company that cares about its image and public record, its a huge waste of time, effort, and resources to clean up the mess. They really have to focus on SEO and reputation management to make sure they... read more

Scalable SEO is Driven by Innovative Content

In running a start-up, I’ve been exposed to a trial by fire education of SEO. I have come away with a view that SEO is essential for any company, but goals must be defined and realistic expectations need to be used. The first of these expectations is content, does you’re content deserve to be listed on Google or etc? For most people and real companies the answer in some form or another is yes, and you should help Google find you and point out to their crawler what your site is really about. Google wants users to find good content and not hold up existing institutions, although they want to promote trustworthy content, with that in mind the basis for an SEO campaign should be to help crystallize and direct new and great content rather than to optimize. A good way to think of great SEO is as Content Optimization. So what does that mean? I suggest something quite radical: you should not judge an SEO expert in their ability to artificially promote pages. Rather look at their past content, what were they able to create, to help clarify, to crystallize, and/or help develop. Why should you look for this? For one reason, search engines at their heart are democratic in nature, if you provide something useful, funny, informative, and new then optimize it its likely you’ll get some solid and stable rankings. If you just go out and optimize the “crap” out of crap it won’t last, and it can hurt your company in the long run. Want to make quick money? Maybe blackhat techniques are for you?... read more

We are the original Mid-Atlantic SEO

I’ve noticed other companies/people are trading on the Mid-Atlantic SEO mark.  We are the original Mid-Atlantic SEO.  We’ve been in business (and using the mark nationally and publicly) since 2007; significantly before the “copy-cat” Mid-Atlantic SEOs. Please be aware this is the original Mid-Atlantic SEO and that other companies may want to take this as notice that we will begin protecting this mark as we continue to grow.  I’m sure you guys provide great SEO services too (we are ranked top 5% by elance.com) but please use a novel and original trademark. The other Mid-Atlantic SEO is so sleezy they have even co-opted our “SEO Glossary.”  They don’t seem like the people I’d want to work with.  This Mid-Atlantic SEO has Fortune Clients and a long list of billion dollar plus privately held companies with clients who receive over 50 million sessions per month, the other Mid-Atlantic SEO can’t even come up with an original... read more

Top 3 Hummingbird Changes

Topical Authority is important again, I think of this as Topical Page Rank Localization has been given a big bump, sites are categorized for a local market or national market better and local market sites are given a boost when it comes to general search terms once dominated by national search players. Hummingbird seems to offer fine tuning of rankings that hasn’t been seen before, i.e. adjustment within a given parameter set e.g. localization weights are easily... read more