Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I’ve been doing a lot of research on reputation management and SEO, particularly for companies struggling with inappropriate or anonymous bad comments online. This can be detrimental for a businesses who operates solely on the internet. One such case that I’ve been researching revolves around the keyword JobFox scam. JobFox is an online job site that works really hard to match candidates with jobs that seems to be a perfect fit. Unfortunately, it seems to have fallen victim to attacks that seem very similar to political attack ads – anonymous people using scare tactics to spread a negative message.

If you google ‘JobFox Scam’, you’ll find a number of anonymous websites and anonymous blogs with people seemingly making up a number of false allegations about the company. I have a strong suspicion that these comments are actually from competitors and others with a specific interest in spreading a negative, scam type message about JobFox. Either way, what they do is create blog posts and comments with scary ‘true stories’ and attacks on the company to scare potential users away.

JobFox isn’t isolated, either; they are just the company I decided to really look into. In fact, if you google any company name and add the word ‘scam’ or ‘fake’ or ‘fraud’ to the end of it, you’re very likely to see similar results. Its scary, and for a company that cares about its image and public record, its a huge waste of time, effort, and resources to clean up the mess. They really have to focus on SEO and reputation management to make sure they can clear their name. If this trend continues, I can see a lot of companies hiring SEO firms for exactly this type of work – to get unfair and anonymous attacks on their business out of Google’s index.

From everything I’ve researched, JobFox is a fair and honest company that is approaching the job search market from a unique angle. It will be interesting to see how this is handled going forward.