There are many times where it makes more sense to tap an online marketing consultant.  If your site is not yet optimized a small business seo consultant can establish baseline numbers on organic visitors without “betting the farm” on training or hiring talent, perhaps of questionable expertise.

If you already have a marketing team but are lacking an SEO guy; a top shelf search engine optimizer with executive vision can come in and provide a very compelling integrated cross-discipline search engine marketing plan that seamlessly integrates with the existing marketing plan.

Finally, on larger projects and for larger companies, an outsourced SEO services provider can help facilitate in-house talent on projects directly relating to the on page optimization of the parent URL and/or be very effective at executing off page campaigns.

Having a few different SEO’s can, espescially ones that challenge and drive eachother, deliver outstanding results by combining and refining theory, knowledge, and practice.

Other duties especially well suited for an outsourced SEO marketing firm are SEO audits, link building, and ensuring best SEO practices are met and trends addressed.

In regards to areas of emerging SEO import, it can also make sense for Government entities and Venture Capital firms to rely on trusted SEO Consulting to help convey messaging cost effectively and evaluate value, respectively.