I’ve noticed other companies/people are trading on the Mid-Atlantic SEO mark.  We are the original Mid-Atlantic SEO.  We’ve been in business (and using the mark nationally and publicly) since 2007; significantly before the “copy-cat” Mid-Atlantic SEOs.

Please be aware this is the original Mid-Atlantic SEO and that other companies may want to take this as notice that we will begin protecting this mark as we continue to grow.  I’m sure you guys provide great SEO services too (we are ranked top 5% by elance.com) but please use a novel and original trademark.

The other Mid-Atlantic SEO is so sleezy they have even co-opted our “SEO Glossary.”  They don’t seem like the people I’d want to work with.  This Mid-Atlantic SEO has Fortune Clients and a long list of billion dollar plus privately held companies with clients who receive over 50 million sessions per month, the other Mid-Atlantic SEO can’t even come up with an original mark.